About the Founder...

Karen Underwood started RAM'S Youth, LLC out of a desire to provide high-quality, affordable After-School and Summer Camp programs in communities where there is a need to help children "Raise their Academic Mastery Skills" year round. Ms. Underwood feels that knowledge is power and therefore by providing learning opportunities through academic support, cultural enrichment, athletics and social emotional learning, children will be able to succeed further in school.  Ms. Underwood is a strong advocate for placing "Children First" and believes there should be collaborative efforts between After-School programs and schools in order to provide consistencies and developmental experiences for success.

Ms. Underwood has worked within public education over the last 26 years. She has spent most of her career in urban communities with large Black and Latino populations. In 1989 Ms. Underwood started as a classroom teacher with New York City Department of Education in the Bronx. Ms. Underwood quickly moved up the ranks in education.  She has held positions as Teacher, Union Representative, Multicultural/Social Studies Coordinator, Staff Developer, Assistant Principal and Principal in the Bronx, Maryland, Glen Cove and Hempstead, New York.  She has worked as a Teacher in New York and Virginia.

Based on NCLB standards, Ms. Underwood is highly-qualified.  She has a M.S.ed in School Administration & Supervision and a B.S. in Applied Social Science with a Certificate of Completion in Business. Ms. Underwood holds a Professional Collegiate license in School Administration & Supervision K-12 and PreK-6 teaching license in Virginia. She holds a permanent School Administration & Supervision K-12 license and Nursery, PreK-6 Common Branch teaching license in New York State.

Ms. Underwood selected the name RAM'S because her vision is to assist in "Raising the Academic Mastery Skills" of children in need and as a bonus, biblically "RAM" means "Exalted" thus identifying  "RAM'S Youth" as "Exalted Youth" a tangible vision.

Licensed Certified Teacher
Licensed Certified Administrator
M.S.ed Administration & Supervision